Matching Your Diet To Your DNA-Part 3

In this 3rd and final installment, we will go over what we should be eating for optimal health of our body.

What Should We Eat?

•          Our ancestors rarely consumed cereal grains and had no dairy, sugars, or processed foods.

•          Game and wild plant foods contained less fat, more protein, more roughage, and more micronutrients than do foods from our supermarkets.

•          Fruits and vegetables were consumed within hours of being gathered, typically with minimal or no processing and often uncooked.

•          Foods contained higher average content of vitamins and minerals (in excess of currently recommended dietary allowances).

•          73% of world-wide hunter-gatherer societies derived >50% of their food from animals, only 14% of these societies derived >50% of their food from plants (energy from proteins > that of carbohydrates).

•          organic, grass-fed lean meats (avoid grain fed), wild fish (avoid farmed), and eggs (free-range, organic)

•          plenty of fresh organic vegetables and fruit, emphasis on vegetables

•         Paleo diet is a good guide

This is not meant to promote any one "diet" over another.  You must think of food more as a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.  Developing good habits will go a long way and make it easier to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.  Please remember, this is only a guide.  It doesn't mean you must change everything you are doing overnight, but may it encourage you to make a small change here and there until you are ready for another.  Don't complicate things, think simple and old-fashioned when it comes to what you eat.