Matching Your Diet To Your DNA-Part 2

So what about our genetics?  Do they play a role in our health?  Here are a few key points in understanding the role of our genes and how often we blame our genes for the illnesses we suffer from when it's our poor lifestyle choices we should pay closer attention to.

•          Our genes our programmed for health. It is toxicity and/or deficiency affecting gene expression that leads to sickness and disease.

•          Our genes do NOT differ from our paleolithic, hunter-gatherer, pre-agricultural, pre-industrial ancestors.

•          Our ancestors, and surviving tribes that model their lifestyles, did not die from the diseases of lifestyle like heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and stroke or suffer from the degenerative or autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, M.S., chronic fatigue, low fertility, depression, etc. like modern humans do.

•          The only difference between our healthy ancestors and our sick society is toxicity and deficiency.  The genes are the same!

•          Built into our genes is the blueprint for optimal nutrition (innate intelligence).  To be healthy, we must eat and live congruently with this innate intelligence (provide it with sufficient amounts of ingredients it needs and avoid things that are toxic or interfering).

•          Modern illness is due to environmental NOT genetic factors.  Modern illnesses are AVOIDABLE! Modern health is ATTAINABLE!

Excerpts taken from Dr. James Chestnut's book "The Innate Diet & Natural Hygiene".  The 3rd and final part will come out next week.  We will talk about what kinds of food support our genes, which are best to avoid, and ideas to help us achieve abundant health!