Facts About Teething

For parents out there, we know every child goes through periods of growth and development at different stages. Some of these stages can be quite difficult and trying for parents. Teething is one of those stages.

Teething usually begins at four to five months, but can be as early as three months of age. Teething can last different lengths of time, from three hours to three weeks, so it can be easily misdiagnosed as other things such as cold or sinus infections, ear infections, cold or flu, or stomach/digestive disorders.

Symptoms that you typically see when your baby is teething are runny nose (but with clear mucous), irritated ear, mild fever, picky or fussy eating, disrupted sleep patterns, or irritated bowel.

We want to be careful about misdiagnosis, especially if an incorrect ear infection diagnosis is given and antibiotics are prescribed since bacterial resistance and disruption of gut flora is prevalent in our modern society. The best approach is a watch-and-wait approach.

Remember,  children benefit from chiropractic care, not only for wellness, but as a major support to the immune system. So get your child checked on a regular basis.