The 3000 mile Tune-up

The 3,000 Mile Tune-Up

The question arises over and over again…should I still continue to come for regular adjustments even if I don’t have pain?  Well, I am glad you asked.  I would personally agree with getting regular chiropractic adjustments because I have been receiving maintenance adjustments for over 25 years now.  I have only had low back pain or neck pain with my occasional biking or snowboarding accidents.  Pain should never be the controlling factor of why you return to get adjusted.

Your nervous system is made up of over seventy-five miles of nerves and the nerve impulses can be as fast as three hundred and fifty miles per hour.   Only 5% of your body registers pain and 95% controls functions like breathing, digesting, thinking and eliminating.  Only in the last moment of pressure on a nerve will you feel the pain, but well before that pressure your bodily functions will be affected and decreased. Would you rather just feel good and be out of pain, or be healthy?  The first symptom of one who is having a heart attack is most often death. Prior to that heart attack, that person felt good.  Again I cannot stress how important it is to have your nervous system functioning at 100%.  One of the greatest tests that you can use is the Thermal (HEAT) and EMG (MUSCLE) scanner at my office.  These tests definitively show if your nervous system is operating at 100%. 

Well Dr. Andrea, how often do you get adjusted?  I aim for an adjustment once a month, or often more frequently. Pretty much whenever I see my brother Dr. Michael, we make sure to adjust each other.  Why would I do any less for you and your family?

I had been going to my dentist Dr. Jarvin for about 22 years before he retired.  He had taught me very well the good habits of brushing and flossing.  Now with my current dentist, Dr. David, over the last six years, I continue my maintenance cleaning.  Since I started driving 24 years ago, I have been tuning up my car every 3,000 miles. Why would you not want your nervous system to run at its optimum peak for the entire life?  How long would your car last if you only tuned it up when the engine started smoking or the oil light came on? 

When it comes to your health and nervous system, it should be your number one priority with your family.  As Dr. Jarvin and my mechanic have taught me, “teeth and an engine can be replaced, but it can never be as good as the original.” 

You make the choice.  Health is your responsibility and you do have a choice to keep your family’s nervous system always operating at 100%.

-Dr. Andrea